Saturday, July 5, 2008

Alameda, CA Day of Action

Bay Area IWW joins International Day of Starbucks Action in Alameda, California

By J. Pierce and Steve O.

The Bay Area IWW held an informational leafleting at a Starbucks cafe in Alameda, CA., at the busy intersection of Park Street and Central Avenue on Sunday July 6. Making good contact with the baristas inside, and a few passers-by who happened also to be Starbucks employees, we expressed our solidarity and offered our support in their efforts to gain more control over their jobs.

The demonstration was small, as it was organized at the last minute. The IWW members present made sure that the workers inside were aware that this demonstration was in solidarity with Grand Rapids, Michigan IWW member and Starbucks Barista Cole Dorsey and CNT Starbucks Barista, Monica. The organizers also made it clear to the baristas in Alameda that this demonstration did not target them and that the Starbucks Union is not (yet) calling for a boycott of Starbucks.

Passers by were urged to contact Starbucks Customer Relations or CEO Howard Schultz and demand that Starbucks respect the rights of workers to organize around the globe.

Reaction from passersby and customers was generally positive; most accepted the Starbucks day of action leaflets and promised that they would take action.