Industrial Workers of the World - Grand Rapids

March 31, 2013

Who: Industrial Workers of the World labor union and supporters.

What: Picket against unlawful termination of union member.

Where: Star Tickets - 600 Century Ave. Suite 300, Grand Rapids MI

When: Monday, April 1 12:00 pm.

Why: The workers of Star Tickets have been forced to endure a vicious union-busting campaign. Despite owner Jack Krasula's best efforts the workers won the election and bargaining rights through their union the IWW Star Tickets Workers Union. Instead of accepting the collective affirmation of union representation from his workers Krasula has continued his relentless anti-union campaign. On the day the union was certified by the National Labor Relations Board outspoken union organizer, Deirdre Cunningham, was fired in retaliation for her efforts on behalf of the IWW.  The union and supporters are demanding her reinstatement.