Thursday, March 7, 2013

Grand Rapids call center workers win union election

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Industrial Workers of the World - Grand Rapids

March 6, 2013

Grand Rapids call center workers win union election

A watershed victory for low wage workers

Grand Rapids - While new Right to Work legislation has forced labor into retreat across Michigan, Grand Rapids workers made a rare advance Wednesday under the banner of the radical Industrial Workers of the World as employees of Star Tickets voted for unionization. The victorious union vote comes on the heels of a relentless anti-union campaign waged by owner Jack Krasula and an outside firm he retained. 
Dubbed the IWW Star Tickets Workers Union employees came together over meager demands such as: adequate equipment, an end to understaffing, and a yearly pay evaluation. 
"Our demands aim not only to benefit our workplace environment, but to improve our services to our valued clients as well." said Deirdre Cunningham a Client Services Representative. 
Since the petition was filed owner Jack Krasula has responded by spending thousands of dollars to thwart his employees efforts. Workers have had to endure veiled threats, intimidation, and misinformation in a textbook anti-union campaign. 
Despite Krasula's best efforts the workers unity has remained solid with flowers, candy, and best wishes sent from IWW branches and members from across the country. 
While union membership has become scarce across the country the IWW is invigorating the labor movement by organizing workers through "solidarity unionism". Traditionally relying on innovative tactics to win demands instead of government agencies Star Workers decided to finally file for "formal" recognition after 3 years of workplace organising. 
"What Mr. Krasula and this outside firm fail to realize is that when they disparage our efforts to organize with their barrage of memos they are disparaging their workers that have given years of their lives to make this company successful. We hope this is not how they intend on bargaining but either way we will continue to succeed with our solidarity and our union" said Evelyn Stone a Call Service Representative.
The Industrial Workers of the World is a rank-and-file labor union open to all workers. Gaining prominence for the Starbucks Workers Union and the Jimmy Johns Workers Union the IWW has become the go-to union for workers not interested in the beauracracy of traditional unions. 



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