Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vote Bartertown Best Sandwich in Grand Rapids!


Bartertown Diner is in the competition for the best sandwich in Grand Rapids. The Grandwich.
Bartertown Diner is the revolutionary restaurant collectively run by IWW union members that is turning Grand Rapids upside down. When many thought they would fail, and some prayed that they did, these tough-as-nails survivors persevered and continue to succeed.
Hardened from years of busting their asses in restaurants for little pay and even less respect they decided to show how it can and should be done! Instead of just joining the "local first" bandwagon they made a commitment from the first day that Bartertown would be different in every way. Despite not having a boss they elected to join with their fellow workers in the Industrial Workers of the World labor union. With this defining act of solidarity they affirmed their desire to raise the standards across the whole industry! The establishment is run collectively by all the workers and pay is equitable. Its time to spread Bartertown's achievements to all restaurant workers!
Bartertown Diner is the only true farm-to-table restaurant in Grand Rapids. They have a working relationship with Hamm Family Farms and menu options sometimes have to change due to the availability of produce. This practice alone is unheard of in any other restaurant where the most important thing is making a profit. The most 'successful' downtown restaurants are the ones that get the cheapest wholesale food to serve and pay their workers the least amount that they will take.
While other downtown restaurants get big publicity for finally getting a recycling program Bartertown Diner goes weeks with zero trash!
Grand Rapids restaurant owners are terrified of the Diner's success. What if my workers realize I need them they don't need me? What if they demand more than $8 an hour? What if they all join together?
The Diner recently celebrated its one year anniversary and shows no signs of slowing down. The best in gourmet, raw, vegan/vegetarian food continues to be made and served by the dedicated wobblies of Bartertown Diner.


**If you work in a restaurant and think you deserve more respect talk to workers at Bartertown and get in touch with the Grand Rapids IWW - 616-881-5263

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