Saturday, July 5, 2008

Baltimore Action

BALTIMORE, MD -- Several hundred flyers were delivered to
> potential Starbucks customers about Starbucks unfair labor
> practices in Michigan, Spain, and in many other places.
> Several Baltimore GMB members along with IWWs in town from
> Pittsburgh, Providence, and other cities were invovled in
> the action, along with members of NEFAC, and several other
> organizations. Free coffee was distributed from Red
> Emma's coffeehouse and bookstore, an IWW job shop,
> while the police looked on.
> IWW members entered the store in advance of the
> informational leaflet, and explained that Starbucks workers
> were coming together in other cities to improve their
> working conditions, and that we were here to stand with
> those workers who struggle for a better life. We also left
> a large tip to cover all the business lost at Starbucks
> today. We thank all the potential customers who declined
> to enter Starbucks in solidarity with the workers who are
> organizing, and to the Starbucks workers in Baltimore who
> were gracious with their understanding.