Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grand Rapids July 5th

Supporters dropped a banner over the building before the action.
Pictured is District Manager Tom Balenger (616-826-9386) that fired Cole Dorsey.

The action went off very well despite Starbucks' and the police response. Tom Balenger surveilled the protest the whole time in an attempt to identify and intimidate baristas in attendance.
The police watched the whole protest with 2 to 3 cruisers on the scene or talking with Tom.
Despite this, participants held a lively protest. There was a 4 ft. Starbucks cup which symbolized Starbucks union-busting, poverty wages, lies about social responsibility, etc.. And there was a bat which symbolized globalized solidarity. Baristas demonstrated what happens to Starbucks union-busting when confronted with global solidarity.
All the major TV networks covered the story with pictures and interviews. The coverage was surprisingly good for mainstream media.
There are more pictures, and video, to come from Grand Rapids and around the world.
Thanks to all that participated and gave a crushing blow to Starbucks on July 5th, 2008. This is not the end though. The fight doesn't end until the re-instatement of of ALL wrongfully terminated baristas. We've just shown Starbucks what we are capable of! With global solidarity we will win!
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Thanks to all that attended!!