Saturday, July 5, 2008

Santiago de Chile Day of Action

In Santiago de Chile, the group distributed "Voz Negra" leaflets to employees and customers in several of the 25 Chilean Starbucks stores.

Partners: We call this action of repudiation against Starbuck's because we believe that the use of anti-union policies is something reprehensible, unjust and simply seeks to increase the exploitation of workers. Today we are showing our solidarity with the IWW fellow Americans, and the CNT-AIT Spanish for illegal dismissal of several trade unionists by the mere fact fight for their rights in Grands Rapids (Michigan) and Seville. We call on everyone to express our repudiation address this injustice, but not to stay alone in this, but to fight against any exploitation affecting workers at any time and place.

None fight without solidarity!Build strength and popular libertarian!

In the activity we were able to maintain alguans covnersaciones with interested individuals, we show a humble gesture of solidarity with fellow fighters elsewhere on the planet, we reiterate the modest gesture, but we expect to be repeated in larger quantities.
A salute to those who were supporting, and for all those still fighting around the world.

We say goodbye fraternally.