Saturday, July 5, 2008

Switzerland July 5th Day of Action

The group System Breakthrough participated in the Day of Action.

As part of the global day of action against Starbucks, we have this afternoon in train leaflets to guests and workers at Starbucks and passersby. Many expressed interest, perhaps also because Starbucks last week with the planned 12,000 redundancies already in the media.

We show solidarity with our threatened and fired workers. An attack on one of us is an attack on all!

Flyer (written by the FAU:

The coffee tastes bitter!

"We are creating us a great work environment and treat us with respect and dignity." With these beautiful words STARBUCKS describes in his "mission statement" the working atmosphere in the thousands of branches and franchises of the Group. But looking behind the scenes, it turns out to be little more than fine words to reassure customers. For years STARBUCKS repeatedly fired employees who opt for better working conditions. Last example, in the long chain of anti-union practices at STARBUCKS is the dismissal of the "barista" (so-called STARBUCKS the workers) Monica in Seville. As long reached the point where it is, today we inform employees, customers in many places around the globe about the conditions at STARBUCKS. We would like to ask you to help ensure that the group finally the rights of workers respected.

Monica April was fired. She is an active member of a few months earlier by employees launched operating group of trade union CNT at STARBUCKS in Seville. The CNT calls for their immediate reinstatement and has already taken initial support actions in branches of the city.
The procedure is similar to the one against Monica, with the STARBUCKS already in the United States several times against the attempt by workers approach is to organize trade unions to their own conditions. There are always fired people who are in the "Starbucks Workers Union (SWU)," the IWW union organizing. Against this approach are several methods for anti-union practices before the labour courts in the U.S. pending. However, the multi-coffee a year ago in another case must assure, measurement rules and intimidation against workers, who join the SEEs. This followed a wave of protest actions STARBUCKS branches in the United States. The multi knows very well why he no organised employees in its branches. Finally, the group often enough concessions in working conditions, working hours and the tips, where the baristas only once together.
Given the fact that in several countries STARBUCKS tries against union organizing approach, the CNT Seville and the SEEs Grand Rapids decided, for now a global day of action auszurufen to coordinate against these practices. In recent years, we have already in several cities and repeated occasions in STARBUCKS actions carried out against the anti-union behavior of the group to protest over working conditions and to enlighten our solidarity with colleagues express. To the bosses not only in STARBUCKS notice that an attack on one of us is an attack on all and that it is the right answer!
Also STARBUCKS must finally understand: Employees have the right to organize unions! Weltweit. Worldwide. The same is true for the many precariously employed students and student assistants. Whether the group wants or not.

Not moaning, but organize!
Do you really want to trade union at enemies consume?
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