Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vienna, Austria July 5th

Dear comrades!

The local federation of the FAS Vienna took part in the Global Action Day
against Starbucks. At 8 stores in Vienna, groups of comrades distributed
info material to the workers and costumers. The reactions were mixed: from
reluctant to explicit interest on the side of the baristas to rejection on
the side of the store managers (who were quite busy trying to get a hold
of us and throw us out of the store). Nevertheless, we got the message
across. For our final action, the groups met at the most frequented store
at Viennese Mariahilfer-Strasse. We are glad to see that the CNT and the
IWW are fighting side by side against the bosses and are looking forward
to support future global actions.
In solidarity with Monica, Cole and all baristas of Starbucks!

A-C for the international Secretariat of the FAS.