Saturday, December 27, 2008

Twin Cities Baristas Spill the Beans in New Blog

Starbucks Workers Union Invites Public to 'Look Behind the Brand


Minneapolis, MN-- the Starbucks Workers Union announced today that Twin Cities Baristas have launched a new blog to document their struggle against poverty wages, inconsistent scheduling, and job insecurity at the world's largest coffee chain.

Union Barista Aaron Kocher said, "This is the blog that Howard Schultz doesn't want you to read. As Starbucks' overpaid executives gut the company to feed greedy investors, we will bring the truth behind the brand into the public eye."

The blog, accessible at, will provide an inside look at working conditions at Starbucks, keeping the public abreast of Starbucks' vicious attempts to thwart worker unionization amidst deteriorating working conditions.