Thursday, September 16, 2010

Know Your Rights: in the Workplace

The Grand Rapids Free School has a series of workshops called Know Your Rights. The workshop this Saturday will be on Workplace Rights.

"As an 'at-will' employee I don't have any rights because they can fire me whenever they want for whatever they want."

ALL WORKERS HAVE RIGHTS. Most of us don't know what they are or how to use them. Come to this brief introduction of your rights on the job. Learn the tools to defend your rights and build a democratic workplace.

Know Your Rights: In the Workplace
Saturday Sept. 18th, 2 PM @ The Bloom Collective
671 Davis NW GR, MI 49504

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Anonymous said...

I am from another state,which is also an "at will state" the truth is employers as a whole go out of their way to take advantage of workers, cheaping out on wages by as much as 50% and more, misusing employees with actions such as hiring through temporary agencys with no intention of hiring full time and therefore cheating them, in a good many cases the employers will use tactics designed to intimidate workers.
Still others want a near slave labor environment, and so either move the jobs over seas, hire illeagal labor, or find a reason to fire you when you get to a certain point on their pay scale (even if they have to invent a reason).
The legal system is so ass backwards it isnt funny with lawyers asking as much as $20,000.00 up front to take on an employment case, and that even if it's well founded, this renders the system inopreable after all if you lose your job you certainly dont have that kind of money, and the majority never had it to begin with.

Foreign employers such as the Japanese here are notorious for knowing only three words in english and many here will tell you this, those words are Harder, faster,mandatory. These companys often work their employees 12 hrs a day and seven days a week non stop, with rediculus demands for quantity, American employers are following suit.

I belive the federal government is working with eyes wide shut, in other words I think the majority of those elected must be benfiting from this situation some how or else it would never be let stand, and a good many of my fellow workers will agree.