Saturday, July 5, 2008

Philadelphia July 5th Action

On July 5th , some members of the Philadelphia branch of the Industrial Workers of the World and I organized a small demonstration in front the Starbucks on 9th and South Street at 1:00pm. This action was to protest the firing of Starbucks baristas who had been trying to unionize with the IWW Starbucks Workers Union in the United States. This event was coordinated with the Anarchist CNT Union in Spain where baristas have also been fired for organizing. Friends and family of IWW members also came by to show support for the demonstration. Protestors came with IWW flags and songs condemning the actions of Starbucks against union members in New York City, Grand Rapids Michigan and Seville Spain. We also handed out flyers so people could contact Starbucks in order to voice disapproval to the company for its union busting polices. The pickets sang songs such as Solidarity Forever and chanted “What’s Disgusting!?-Union Busting! What’s Outrageous?!-Starbucks Wages!”